Welcome to the Board Game WikiEdit

We are currently small wiki, but as there are hundreds and thousands of board games out there, we have lots of room to expand. If you know of any board games that do not have pages, go ahead and create one for them! If you have new information about a board game on an existing page, go ahead and edit it! Contributions are highly appreciated.

How you can helpEdit

If you have a favorite board game, search for it, and if it does not already exist, create it. If it does, go ahead and read through it to see if you have anything to add about it. Pages on this wiki also need categories. It is extremely easy to create a category: just scroll down to the bottom of a page, click add category, type your category, press enter, and then click save. Now click on your category to see if it already exists. If it does, great, if it does not, click the Create Category button, and type in some information about it. Categories could be anything as vague as "Strategy Games", or anything as specific as "Settlers of Catan Expansion Packs".

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